OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


It's a war out there and the fallout is coming your way. Francesca and Tina meet in the pool before their match and the fur flies as their mutual dislike turns to hellcat action. Mia arrives and sends them into the ring to finish things. And finish things they do, as two of the most evenly matched lady battlers bring it on with full force. This is wild biting, scratching, tit-pulling action that very few women are capable of-. This is destruction at its zenith and we are proud to offer this classic wrestling romp with these two tiny titans.


And speaking of titans, that's exactly what we have in our next match, two of our all-time titans, Sandy and Christine, going at it. These are two of the greatest athletes in female combat, not just for what they can dish out but also for the punishment they can endure. One match to see who is the ultimate female combatant. Three segments featuring boxing, kickboxing, and, finally, wrestling. These two gorgeous Iadies start out bare-chested and ready to rumble. This match has so much action that you'll have to see it to believe it. And even then you may doubt your senses. So if you're at all squeamish and can't handle a real battle, then, for your own sake, stay away from the War Zone.