ONE HOUR — $59.95


In Tape #222 we saw Francesca destroy Alexis and keep her around as a toy. Well, they ended up becoming close, as is evident when this tape opens. Alexis and Francesca are playing cards together outside when Francesca leaves the table. She comes back to find she's being cheated. And, you guessed it; they start fighting. Tops and tempers fly and the only thing hotter than their tempers is their beautiful sculpted breasts. Alexis finally gets in a major blow and takes over. She ties Francesca to a pole but she doesn't use rope or handcuffs-- no, she uses Francesca's own hair. Then a savage beating ensues but it's not over as Alexis has more punishment in store. Alexis ends the assault by stripping Francesca nude and leaving the cards on her bottom.


The next sequence is just a continuation of this one as Mia comes home to find her lover Francesca outside, stripped and unconscious. Mia wakes Francesca up and finds out what happened and actually gets mad at Francesca. This makes Francesca so furious she delivers a knock out punch to Mia. Then the real destruction begins as the enraged Francesca does to Mia everything Alexis did to her and more- much, much more. Mia's head is tied to the pole. She's ridden like a horse, choked with a hose, and thrown in the pool. This tale of terror ends in a final knockout and one last degrading stripping.