ONE HOUR — $59.95


You've met and loved two of the grappling Walters sisters, Mia and Nina. Now it's time to introduce the baby of the family, beautiful Brandy. Mia is in the ring training Tina when Brandy enters and wants Mia to train her in pro-style. The girls train a bit then middle sister Nina shows up and is insulted by all the talk of what a dirty fighter Nina is and she starts to fight with both Brandy and Tina. Tina will have to wait for her match however because Nina and Brandy want to get it on. Brandy seems so young and sweet but she has a cocky side. She even challenges Mia to a match after she's done with Nina. Mia promises she'll be there to keep Tina out of the fight and it's lucky that she is. Blood doesn't hold these ladies back as they go at it right from the bell. Nina sees herself as one of the best wrestlers around and plans to teach her little sister a lesson. But Brandy has different plans and every one is surprised when she starts to take over. Back and forth these gorgeous sisters battle until... well, we'll let that be a surprise.


Now, Mia didn't really want to take on her baby sister but has very little choice, and thus we have our second match. Nina gives Brandy advice she feels will give her an edge over Mia. Big sister and baby sister are ready, and soon into it's apparent that they've all forgotten they came from the same mother. We find Brandy listened to her sister Nina about how to get to big sister, but will it be enough? Will youth and enthusiasm be enough to beat experience - an answer that waits to be seen - most enjoyably seen as three beautiful sisters make wrestling a violent family affair.