How much can a tummy take? Sandy and Lisa Marie live together and Francesca sneaks in to steal from them. One at a time they each catch her and receive a savage gut slugging from the fiery Latin. The fight moves from office to the garage to backyard and back inside again. Each room echoes with moans and groans as each blow to the belly sends the pain in and the air out. It you don't feel these slugs along with the lovely victims you're either numb or over-stimulated. Shock waves rumble through their midsections. Soon they're all topless and running after each other until it's two against one and the duo take turns slugging and punching and belting their victim into oblivion. Three of the meanest and most beautiful women ever to have slugged it out.


In our next match we find Francesca asleep in her sexy topless sleepwear. She expects her female lover to join her, but this night Alexis the burglar is sneaking through the bedroom. Francesca hears the noise and assumes it's her lover and tells Alexis to come to bed. Not wishing to be found out Alexis obeys, but when Francesca tries to get amorous all hell breaks loose and we have a bedroom melee of mammoth proportions. Alexis learns that Francesca wakes up real grouchy before her morning coffee. The overwhelmed Alexis loses her top and then her dignity at the hands of Francesca, and you get to witness all the luscious, destructive degradation.