ONE HOUR — $59.95


Poor Jeb is dead-- or at least that's the way he feels after he's had four feet forced in his face. First, the beautiful Julie takes on Jeb but she gets a free minute of attacks before he gets to begin. She dazes him with a good kick to the head and readies him for destruction. If you like one-sided mixed destruction with great footwork then you'll love this match.


You'd think Jeb would have learned his lesson, but being the muscular young macho stud he is, he thinks he can handle a second girl. So here comes Mia, who's done this kind of thing many times before and knows how to really play the game, making it even more one-sided than Julie did. But Mia also adds a lot more foot degradation as she rubs his face in it, literally. Smothering, pushing, squeezing - a feet of destruction. It's a one-sided kick in the head for poor Jeb. So if you like destruction dominated by feet than you'll love watching these two sizzling, sexy ladies help Jeb find some sole.