OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


This is a classic tag match up. Each team has a big mean catfighter and a clean, experienced pro. Big, mean and beautiful Lisa Marie pairs up with her long time friend, sweet, pretty Fight Babe Robin. And in the other corner we find the anything-goes beauty, Bobbie with her partner, the sweet, strong, sexy Mia. Before the match starts we hear Bobbie tell Mia she plans on doing what ever is needed to take care of the giant woman Lisa Marie. On the other side, we hear Lisa Marie saying that she may throw out a little dirt of her own. Francesca has her hands full refereeing this two-out-of-three-fall match. This match lasts a long time because these girls just won't quit. This is one mean wild tag melee that offers everything you could ever want in a match. A new camera, new audio, new lighting, new ropes and new canvas offer a whole new dimension for your viewing pleasure.


The second match features two grapplers we haven't seen for a while. Hot Heather takes on feline Felicia. These two beauties may not be the most scientific when it comes to some of the more advanced moves but watching their graceful stalking and attacking makes up for it. Yes, watching Felicia's long, lean, brown legs squeeze Heather's supple body is a true delight. Watching this match makes one remember why we liked these two gals so much. Get your popcorn and your drinks ready because this is a long tape and you won't want to miss a minute of it.