OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


You may think this is just like the others in the series (Tapes #189 & 206), but you have another think coming. Oh yes, Mia is again tied up. Again three beautiful girls maul her breasts, smother her with their tongue-licked hands, beat, stretch and generally destroy her. But THIS time they've added a whole new element-- their butts. Yes, Francesca, Allie and Tina take turns face-sitting poor Mia, adding to the ultimate humiliation by smothering Mia with their rosy round cheeks. That's six cheeks that get firmly planted on Mia's two and you'll want to be there.


The next match has another new twist-- we're outside in the ring on a beautiful California day where the sunlight brings out the skin tones of three beauties. The statuesque, buxom Lisa Marie and the blond, British beauty Yvonne go after that lean, firm cutie, Allie. They savagely attack her from the beginning, alternating head and body scissors as they take turns destroying her. They tie her up in the corner and take turns kneeling down in front of her, then licking their hands and going after her. Bare from the waist up they attack and attack, as the open air echoes with the muffled moans of their vanquished victim.