The Burbank bomber is back! A little bigger and a whole lot wiser, Shelly returns to regain her ring dominance and wants to challenge the best to an eleven-fall match. It's Mia who takes the challenge because she is the best pound for pound pro style wrestler around. Would Shelly's large breasts smother Mia or would Mia's muscular legs squeeze the life out of the blonde amazon? This is one of the most dramatic and exhausting matches you'll ever witness, and it may be some of the best work either of these ladies has ever done. This match alone would be well worth the price of the tape but there is more.


Back by popular demand, one of the best,Fight Babe Robin, is back and looking for victims. We start with Mia giving Robin and Allie some suggestions on wrestling throws. When Mia leaves the girls decide to arm wrestle instead of practice. Arm wrestling leads to leg wrestling then back-to-back wrestling. The adrenaline pumps up and the loser gets pushy. The lean, mean Allie-cat doesn't back down from anybody as two lithe beauties soon have their tops ripped off and their wild natures turned on. Both these ladies can really move and they are a joy to watch. Allie attacks Robin's supple creamy white breasts, but Robin uses her ring savvy to lay some destruction on Allie. This match is over way too soon, but time flies when you're having fun. And fabulous fun is what's in store for all those that view this treasure of a video.

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