Mia thinks Tina should try her boxing aerobics to really get in shape, but Tina thinks she's already in great shape and is ready to prove it. Mia says let's do it like the men, bare from the waist up, for a seven-fall bout. If either stays down more than 20 seconds it's over. Francesca is the ref and it's lucky we have one as these ladies are here for a battle. While Tina has eight-ounce gloves Mia, in sixteen-ouncers, seems to be in better shape, at least in the beginning as she scores the first knockdown. Tough as they come Tina is not one to stay down long however and the fight evens up. Back and forth this fabulous fight rages, with incredible blows to the gut and knockdown head blows. These girls are two of the toughest. They give and take blows that cause their whole bodies to quiver. You'll feel every shattering blow of this incredible match.


We didn't figure we could top that last until we were to the large, luscious Lisa Marie, a knockout from New Zealand who's ready for some action. This lady is as mean as she is beautiful, and we predict this amazing amazon will be one of everyone's favorites. We knew at least one sweet beautiful blonde that could give this damsel from Down Under a real fight. One of the toughest ladies we've ever seen, the great Sandy, is back, and this bout will prove that she is as formidable as ever. These two ladies do more damage than should be allowed on such heavenly bodies. You will never forget this bout. Sandy takes a blow to the head that literally knocks her over the ropes and out of the ring, one of the most memorable sequences we've ever see. Don't buy this boxing video simply for the four gorgeous women, even though they are spectacular. No, buy this tape because it is without a doubt one of the greatest boxing tapes ever produced.

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