OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


Nina is getting to be a very good wrestler but she may be a little over her head as she challenges Julie to a match. Julie is flabbergasted that this relative newcomer has the gall to challenge her. But Nina really, really wants a chance at this old pro, so off they go! Is it time for a new guard, or has the veteran still got what it takes? These ladies go at it hard, with all the throws and holds you'd expect from two such classy wrestlers.


The next match pits two of the best as they vie to see who gets a shot at Julie's championship belt. Former belt holder Mia takes on the gorgeous and ever-popular Alexis in a two-out-of-three-falls, no time limit, pin or submission to win match. It's no secret these ladies don't care much for each other, and that Alexis will do just about anything to win. Can the strong, wily Mia overcome the mean dirt the alluring Alexis dishes out? You expect it all from veterans like this and they don't let you down-- right down to the last bit of energy of that final fall. Beauty, power and talent are all showcased in this tape - a tape for the discerning viewer.