Heather and Gasae, in their tight shorts and skimpy bras are standing guard when Heather hears a noise and goes to investigate. In another room, Heather is surprised by Alexis, an infamous cat burglar in black, who pounces on her prey. A vicious fight ensues and the voluptuous Heather puts up a good fight, but she is ultimately subdued. But, our burglar is by no means finished; she has yet to get past Gasae. Again Alexis sneaks up on her victim and gets in that vital first blow. Gasae fights back valiantly and just as she's about had it that red-haired spitfire Heather re-enters the fray. More battles, more destruction as all three girls go at it.


Now it's time for another new girl. Taylor, a beautiful young girl trying on her cowgirl outfit for her western party, hears two other cowgirls plotting outside. Alexis and Tina, in their micro-skirts, cowboy hats, and boots weren't invited but they're here early to rob the place. As poor, unsuspecting Taylor invites them in, one girl diverts her with some western dancing as the other goes to steal. But our beautiful victim is no fool. Soon the hats fly and the leather squeaks as these cowgirls go back to the Old Wild West way of solving problems. However there's something about those skirts pulled up over those beautiful round buttocks as the leather boots flail that makes this brawl not your typical Gunsmoke episode. Ya just gotta love it, pardner!