ONE HOUR — $59.95


We shot lovely newcomer (and future superstar) Yvonne's DT debut for a European TV show and she was such a big hit there that we had her do another match and put them together on this tape. You're going to love this buxom Brit with her voluptuous body and long blonde hair. To top things off, Yvonne fights Shane, who was also a big hit in her debut in Tape #209. Sexy, brown-haired Shane is the perfect contrast to Yvonne. These girls were still learning when this was shot but they know their moves -- they just don't perform them very fast. What a true joy it is watching these two unbelievable bodies going at it. Whether it's Shane trapping Yvonne in a leg scissors and pinches her perfect mounds of nippled flesh, or when it's Yvonne putting the limber Shane in varied pretzel stretches, it's all a frolicsome feast for the eyes.


The next match took place months later and you will be amazed at how Yvonne's skills have improved. She needs every bit of that improvement as she takes on the experienced veteran Mia. These ladies start out topless and ready for a fight--and what a fight it turns out to be. This deceptively sweet British bombshell is ready to explode and we don't think Mia was expecting such a fiery challenge. Yvonne isn't just a pretty face, as the strong, talented Mia finds out. It's not easy finding and training new girls for your viewing pleasure but we know that's what you expect from the number one company in female combat. Enjoy.