OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


Nina is fast becoming our best wrestler with her strong, lean body one of her greatest assets. We decided to see how she'd do against another rising star, the beautiful Bobbie, and , to make it interesting, we made it a best-out-of-eleven-fall match with pins only to win. The one wild card we weren't sure about was having Mia, Nina's sister, refereeing. This match lasts a long time as both ladies prove not only their skill but also their heart. It's a treat seeing such beauties taking it to the limit.


The second match pits two friends-well, sometime friends- the magnificent Mia and the fiery Francesca against each other. Now, Francesca hasn't had nearly as much pro experience as the veteran Mia but nobody is tougher and meaner than Francesca and there's no one she wants to beat more than her girl Mia. Can a friendship survive this kind of a battle? And how can friends be so rough on each other? It's meanness vs. skill in this great match on a great tape.