When we last saw Mia in Tape #203, she had been left on the bed nude, her face painted by the enraged Francesca, who then put on Mia's tight night club dress and went out for some fun. Now we find Francesca returning after her night out. With a suffocating kiss she gives life to Mia, then taunts her with the things she did on her wild evening out. This is too much for Mia who goes crazy as she rips that party dress off Francesca's beautiful body. Francescašs bared bod just makes Mia madder as she imagines what her partner did with that body. Mia drags her to the bathroom where she throws Francesca in the tub for some cold water. Then out to the garage for more of the same. This onslaught ends with another deadly kiss, and a gorgeous young female body left nude and totally lifeless.


In the second part of this tape we find these same girls confronting each other at another time, in another place, for another exercise in domination. Mia is Francesca's total slave and must obey all her commands. You won't believe how evil Francesca can be. There is nothing too bad for her slave. Poor, poor Mia-- how much of this can she take? So much degradation with Francesca beating her, riding her, making Mia lick her feet. And tthen... no, no, it's just too much, too much! Youšll have to see it to believe it.