ONE HOUR — $59.95


Meet Morgan; she's new, she's beautiful, and she has one of the most perfect bodies you'll ever see. This is a lady you'll want to see more of, and she knows it, so she starts the match with her top off. Back by popular demand, newcomer Bobbie takes on the magnificent Morgan, and soon finds her own top off as Morgan strangles her with it, then makes her eat it. Where does DT find these fabulous new girls? Two heavenly bodies capable of professional throws as well as catfighting fury‹what more can you ask for?


Well, how about another new girl? Allie is pretty and very ready. After Mia teaches Allie some pro-style moves, Mia decides to take a dip in the pool. Not much for training, Allie decides to join Mia, who is now asleep on a raft. Allie tips over the raft and dunks Mia then flees. Wet and furious, Mia catches Allie who says she doesn't need that pro stuff to beat Mia. So the girls take it to the ring. Immediately Allie sets out to prove her point as she jumps on Mia's back and tries to rip her mouth apart. She's all hellcat this Allie. The tops slide off these wet gladiators and they're ready for destruction. Two of the leanest, firmest bodies ever - no fat to slow these girls down. Will the wildcat beat the wrestler?