OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


Julie is in the ring training a new curvaceous blonde named Niki when Mia brings in two girls she's been training, Francesca and Nina (Mia's sister). It soon gets too crowded and the girls end up colliding into each other-and a fight ensues. Mia boasts that her girls can beat Julie and Niki, and we're off to tag heaven as the referee Alexis introduces the two-out-of-three-fall match. Being Mia's sister, Nina's extra coaching shows, but Niki's street toughness makes her more dangerous than your usual novice. Alexis had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to referee this boondoggle. No sooner does Alexis drag one girl off than another jumps in. Then another. And another! Repeatedly, these new girls leap into the fray and all four girls go at it at once. What a mess! What chaos! What joy!


Next we have two of our most popular ladies going at it. Alexis' beauty is only matched by her aggressiveness as she takes on the sleek, sweet, longhaired beauty Felicia. Felicia exhibits her fearlessness of Alexis by slapping her opponent in the face, leaping on Alexis' back, and the riding her to the ropes where the feline Felicia proceeds to squeeze the life out of her. But, Alexis has been around a while and has a few tricks of her own. It's easy to see why everyone loves these two ladies, and why everyone will love this tape.