ONE HOUR — $59.95


Introducing some fresh, young ladies ready to fight for your viewing pleasure! We start with Mia instructing the cute English Tina on some of the finer points of ring wrestling when newcomer Bobbie (not to be confused with the British Bobbie of our earlier tapes) comes in to start trouble. A challenge is given and we're off on a fabulous grappling adventure. Bobbie has a lean, beautiful, very strong body and she repeatedly picks up Tina like a rag doll, shaking her around and throwing her into the ropes. After Bobbie rips off Tina's top, Tina returns the favor, untying Bobbie's top with her toes! And that's not all Tina's dexterous digits can do-as she molests Bobbie's breasts with her tootsies of torture. Biting, breast pinching, choking and just plain meanness make this a superb tough match and Bobbie a very welcome addition to the DT battle stable.


Our next match introduces Shane, a perfect young tanned hardbody who is not only beautiful, but also one of the most flexible ladies ever. It must be her extensive ballet training, but all this means nothing to her tough, wild and equally gorgeous opponent, Francesca. Francesca hates that Shane doesn't seem to be taking their match seriously and is bound and determined to make the newbie pay. But, some girls just can't help wanting to have fun, and fun is what you'll get as these awesome beauties rip their tops off and tear at each other. Two great matches, introducing a pair of spectacular newcomers make this a truly fabulous tape.