ONE HOUR — $59.95


We start off with another pin-to-win 11-fall match. The beautiful veteran Julie takes on newcomer Francesca. Francesca does know her wrestling, however, and surprises Julie with her expertise and tenacity. This turns out to be a long and intense match with all the pro moves one expects from a pairing like this.


In our next match we find another ring veteran being challenged by a pair of relative newcomers. Felicia and Heather believe they would have no trouble beating super Mia, who, naturally, is highly insulted. The two tyros act as a tag team against Mia, who, with her opponents supposedly limited to coming at her one at a time, figures it will be no problem. But, Mia soon finds out that two-against-one is never easy. One beautiful challenger is always coming in rested, which becomes more and more important as Mia begins to weary from the non-stop assault. Another jewel in the crown for our pro-style series.