Evil Gasae, dressed in black bra, panties and high leather boots, interviews the exotic Lisa. When Gasae finds out that Lisa has been seeing her boyfriend, she savagely chokes Lisa into unconsciousness. The lean, firm Lisa, wearing cowboy boots, begins to recover as she hears someone in the kitchen. She sneaks in and surprises Gasae with her own vicious choke which soon turns into a mutual choke with both women straining to crush the other's throat until finally one succumbs. Each time one goes out, the other leaves, but there is no quitting for these girls. From room to room, and even outside, they each use everything from boots, wire and hair to strangle her victim. Their firm exposed breasts are jostled is these hellcats take turns gasping for air.


Our next match is of historical value because it introduces a new girl who would become one of DT's all-time favorite grapplers. Francesca Le is as mean and destructive as she is young and beautiful. The story begins as she paces anxiously in her room, waiting impatiently for her lover Mia to come home. Finally, the door opens and in sneaks Mia, in a skimpy mini-skirt on. Francesca fumes as she learns that Mia's been out with men. She rips off Mia's clothes and proceeds to destroy her former flame. Mia fights back, baring Francesca's beautiful breasts. On and on they rage. As Mia's sleek body lies limp and lifeless her young lover wakes her up for more punishment-- until that final, long, smothering kiss. But don't think that's the end of this tale-- there's more degradation in store.