45 minutes — $59.95


The first time Christine and Michelle went at it they tried to rip each other's breasts off. This time the bad blood boils as they sit in the living room. Again their beautiful breasts become targets of their grudge. The battle and rages throughout the house until it spills outside. Ripping the clothes off each other they throw themselves into the wrestling ring and attack their exposed breasts. This time it's even more savage than their first encounter as they smash, punch, squeeze, and almost rip those bouncy boobs off. This donnybrook is even more intense than their first battle-- if that's even conceivable.


The second match is another rematch. The sweet, firm Mia looks so young and sweet in her pigtails as she bounds into the ring to take on the mean, top-heavy Quisha, who instantly grabs those pigtails and uses them to throw Mia around the ring. The meanness escalates as Mia bites and slaps Quisha's ass. Mia tries to leave the ring butt Quisha will have none of this as she again pulls Mia back by her pigtails and drags her around the ring line a dog. Now sweet Mia is mad!