Over 1 hour — $59.95


Introducing in this corner the gorgeous, busty, accomplished kickboxer Christine! In the other corner is her opponent, the pretty, punching princess Teri! Teri hasn't had as much experience with this mode of combat but some basic training and a lot of heart make her go for it. Christine starts out in a fury but Teri gets in a good one, causing Christine to go after her even after the bell. In the second round Christine bashes Teri in the face, sending her to the canvas. The fight rages on with kicks and slugs to the head, the midsection, the legs and arms, from one end of the ring to the other. Round after round they pound until one battler drops the other to the canvas, and this time she doesn't get up.


Next we find two old pros going at it as we see Mia ready to take on Alexis. Alexis decides she wants to box, but Mia has come to wrestle. One wrestles - one boxes, and each finds the pros and cons of their choice. Alexis punches Mia, especially when she's got her down. With her gloves on Alexis finds it quite difficult to get a hold of Mia. This is not a problem for Mia as she tosses Alexis over and over and then puts her in a scissors, but Alexis punches her way out. Slugging vs. wrestling, throws vs. blows - which will win? An extremely unique tape.