Over 1 hour — $59.95


Our last multi-fall pin match was such a success we decided to do it again with one of our newer wrestlers, the gorgeous Heather pitted against a truly hot newcomer, the sleek, lean, feline Felicia. The strikingly beautiful Felicia, her long dark hair cascading over her beautiful tanned skin, would ultimately become one of our most-requested battlers. But, can this demure beauty wrestle -- especially a grueling eleven-fall match where only a pin can end each fall? This question is quickly answered as Felicia puts the auburn haired Heather in an agonizing headlock then whips her into the turnbuckle where she proceeds to kick Heather to destruction. But, don't count the buxom redhead Heather out-this fight is far from over!


Our next match pits the alluring Alexis in her neon-green bikini against the strong, tough Teri. We knew when we put these two scrappers together that we were in for a helluva fight-and we were right. It's pretty even at first, but eventually Teri gets the advantage and starts flipping Alexis across the ring. Teri pulls an old Alexis trick as she smashes her knee over the ropes, pulling Alexis into a thigh-high head scissors. Alexis returns the favor, but Teri is soon back punishing Alexis' knee. Finally, one girl submits-but this is far from over. These two battle on and on until one tired athlete can no longer continue. You won't believe how long these ladies can last-or how much they can take.