45 minutes — $59.95


The mammoth breasted Quisha is looking the best we've ever seen her, as she takes on a firm, lean, mean masked wrestler (Mia) in skin-hugging tights in a two-out-of-three-fall submission match. Quisha vows to win it in two. The only trouble Quisha has is keeping, those large breasts in her small bikini. Soon we see the wrestling prowess of the masked one as she savagely flips Quisha hard to the canvas. The battle rages and Quisha rips the masked one's top off. Enraged, the masked one flips Quisha and rips off her top. She then proceeds to destroy, squeeze, pinch and hammer Quisha's huge breasts. Will Quisha be able to make good her boast?


Next, we find the voluptuous Christine being interviewed in the ring when, suddenly, an outraged Lisa storms in and accuses Christine of sleeping with Lisa's boyfriend. Christine challenges Lisa to a fight and as Christine turns away Lisa kicks her hard in her groin. This in itself would be bad enough, but it's even worse since Lisa is wearing hard cowboy boots. Christine falls in anguish and the savage beating begins. Lisa's fiery beauty flares with her anger as her dark eyes glare at her victim and she tells poor Christine there's much more torture to come. Waves of torturous backbreakers, piledrivers, and more groin destruction are followed by a touch of bondage as poor Christine has her arms tied behind her back as Lisa continues her kicking assault as this demolition derby races to a bloody conclusion.