1 hour — $59.95


This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pro matches we've ever produced. Two of our gamest competitors go at it until one of them can't answer the bell in this multi-fall match wherein each fall is determined by a pin. For this stupendous match we have enlisted two of the best - the pert, firm, athletic Mia and that gorgeous gal with the attitude, Alexis. Savage throws take us to our first pin as Alexis presses Mia's leg over to her own ears, the muscles in Mia's firm buttocks straining to the breaking point. Mia comes franticly back in the next fall as she does Alexis one better by stretching both of Alexis' long shapely legs over her head. More incredible action as Alexis ends up spread-eagle on top of Mia. More torture, more throws, more holds -- until that last tortuous pin - and even then, it's not over! These girls are amazing!


Our second match offers a special treat. Lisa, who starred in our first few tapes, is back, and she's as gorgeous as ever. There is no finer, sleeker tanned body around, and her long auburn hair will make your heart skip a beat. Lisa takes on the ever-popular Julie, going right for her at the opening bell. Lisa is in control early. She's thin, but it's all muscle and Julie's feeling it. But the pert Julie has been wrestling for too long not to quickly come back and regain control. With a vengeance Julie starts throwing Lisa around the ring as Lisa's long brown mane flares from the throws. But Lisa isn't done yet and Julie is ready. It's good to see ya back, Lisa!