45 minutes — $59.95


That voluptuous blonde bombshell Sandy, in her extremely high heels and skimpy bikini, watches out her window as her gorgeous roommate Alexis comes home to find Sandy admiring her expensive new car. Now, we all know that Alexis can get a little nasty, so when she hears that Sandy won't be able to pay the rent because of her new car Alexis has a fit. They decide that Sandy will be Alexis' slave to work off the money. Alexis immediately starts to abuse her voluptuous slave and throws her around the living room, enjoying the way Sandy's long blonde hair is jostled from the abuse. Alexis then drags Sandy outside and throws her in the pool where Alexis can now enjoy seeing that long blonde mane, in all it's wet glory, whipping from one end of the pool to the other. Not done yet, Alexis pulls Sandy out of the pool and works Sandy's hair like a bridle and rides poor Sandy like a horse as the water drips from her huge wet breasts. How much abuse can Sandy take?


In our next match, the cat burglar from Tape #188 is back and ready to ransack cute Leesi's house again. But, this time, Leesi is not alone. An amazing new redheaded beauty named Heather is watching television as our gorgeous burglar (Alexis) sneaks up from behind and leaps on her unsuspecting victim. A battle ensues and we get a good look at curvaceous Heather as she valiantly fights off her attacker. But, alas, our burglar is too much and chokes poor Heather out. The masked intruder is herself surprised by Leesi and we have a whole new battle. The fight wakes up Heather and the two girls go after our game burglar until they have her feet and hands tied. And, if you think this is the end -- you're dead wrong!