45 minutes — $59.95


Our first match features the lovely veteran Julie against the mean Teri. Julie starts out with an injured knee from a previous match and Teri is well aware of this vulnerable joint. Julie immediately attacks Teri with a few good throws but Teri isn't above using a little biting to aid her cause. Eventually, Teri has Julie where she wants her and steps on that knee. But Julie fights back and gets Teri in a leg scissors, squeeze Teri's milky white stomach. Then Julie monkey flips her, but she is favoring that sore knee. Ted stretches Julie over the top ropes and punches her vulnerable stomach but from this top rope Julie gets her in a gagging head scissors. Back and forth they go at it until we have a victory of such painful proportions that Mia has to enter the ring and pull the victor off.


In the next match Kristy takes on Julie in a classic match-up of size and strength versus speed and experience. Kristy, a stout bodybuilder with beautiful, full, flowing curls down to her waist is a bit surprised at how Julie is able to throw her. Kristy starts to use her size to throw Julie around as they take turns being in power. Julie resorts to punching Kristy in the stomach but Kristy laughs off the blow and throws a powerhouse blow of her own. Julie seems small as Kristy picks her up in an airplane spin. Julie fights back as they rage on until one applies a sidesplitting surfboard that causes her opponent to succumb with pain. Classic pro-style action!