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Alexis tells Kristy and Gasae how her roommate Erika stole her boyfriend. The girls decide to help Alexis, and they all descend on Erika as she lies in bed reading. Erika's robe is ripped away and they stretch her out, causing her large well-formed breasts to be thrust upwards. The fiery Erika gets away only to soon be overpowered again by the group as they batter her from all sides over and over again. They leap on her like piranhas in a feeding frenzy. They all sit on top of her - one on her legs, one on her stomach, and one on her face. Then they take turns sitting on Erika's face, smothering her with their fleshy thighs. Erika is then tied to a chair and suffers as her tormentors lick their hands and smother and degrade her. Finally, she's back on the floor to be stretched in every possible angle as the vicious vixens take turns punching her stomach. Complete destruction!


Next we find Mia, Alexis and Lela all playing poker when Mia accuses Alexis of stealing her money. Alexis reminds her how she did this before and was wrong, but to no avail. Mia attacks Alexis, stripping off her top as she looks for her money. Lela joins in as she uses her top to tie up Alexis' legs. Mia sits on Alexis and does the hand lick and smother. Then Lela takes her turn as her huge breasts straddle Alexis. But Alexis finally convinces Lela that it's Mia they should be attacking. All the chests are bare as they attack Mia, taking turns pinching her pert nipples red. Smothering, licking and constant battering equal dominance -- wet and wild dominance.