45 minutes — $59.95


A cat burglar (Alexis) rummages through the bedroom until she finds a diamond bracelet. However, the owner of the house, (newcomer Leesi) dressed in a black teddy, sneaks up behind her and throws her on the bed. Leesi's long auburn hair and curvaceous body drapes over our burglar in black, but the burglar, now fighting for her life, turns the tables and chokes Leesi over the side of the bed. This scrappy newcomer wraps her legs around Alexis and squeezes. The burglar's black cowboy boots flail high in the air as Leesi tries to smother her with a pillow. Over and over our burglar tries to crawl away only to be pulled back in with Leesi again falling on her. Back and forth the battle rages as these hellcats go for blood, one trying to escape with her life, and the other trying to make her pay for the intrusion.


The next battle begins with Gasae in the dining room writing as Mia sits in the living room. When the phone rings, Mia answers it. The caller tells her that Gasae has been badmouthing her behind her back. Mia hangs up and slowly comes at Gasae, taking off her bikini top and wrapping it around Gasae's neck. Gasae is shocked as Mia not only chokes her but also pulls her over backward to the ground and applies a devastating sleeper hold. Mia goes to the phone to share her victory with a friend, but Gasae comes to and surprises Mia with her own breath-robbing hold, choking Mia till her tongue protrudes and she gasps for air. The tables turn again as the phone cord is wrapped around Gasae's neck and bare-breasted body. One finally gets the final victory-- but won't stop there. She continually wakes up her victim so she can torture her some more-- and more-- and more...