45 minutes — $59.95


For the breast part of this tape we bring back none other than the ever-popular, mammoth-bosomed Michelle and her opponent, the firm lean, large-breasted Christine. They enter wearing robes, high-top tennis shoes, and white socks. The robes fall to the mat and we instantly see they are bare-chested, and that age-old question arises - whose breasts are better? Before the bell rings Michelle suddenly lunges at Christine, grabbing both of her opponent's breasts. Christine is stunned but soon gathers herself enough to wrap her hands painfully around Michelle's mountains of flesh. The bell finally rings and Michelle punches Christine in the face, then sits on her beautiful breasts. Later, it's Christine's turn to punch and maul Michelle's large fleshy mounds. This goes on and on until one girl is humiliated into saying her oppressor has the better breasts. What a match!


Next we find Alexis sitting on the couch as Sandy enters and tells her about her last match and how she beat the girl with her strong legs. Alexis laughs, and Sandy throws her on the floor and puts Alexis in a leg scissors around the neck to prove how strong her legs really are. Once Sandy chokes Alexis out she strips off her own T-shirt and jeans. Now the bare-chested Sandy is ready to really show Alexis how strong her legs really are as she puts her in a waist scissors and proceeds to squeeze the breath out of Alexis. From one end of Alexis' body to the other Sandy applies her leq vise. Alexis is eventually on all fours as Sandy straddles her neck and squeezes. This is the ultimate in leg destruction!