45 minutes — $59.95


This first match has the ever-popular, cute Julie vs. the dark, mammoth-breasted Lela. No love lost here. Julie attacks Lela before the bell, sneaking up behind Lela and stretching her over the ropes, ripping off her top and freeing those large mounds of flesh. Aiming those magnificent peaks towards the hot sun, Julie she stretches poor Lela's body to the breaking point. Finally, Lela turns the tables, and, ripping Julie's top off, she reverts to the catfighter we know and love, even using her long, thick, black hair as a weapon. The battle rages on with choking, scratching and brutal butt mauling. Never have we seen such marks left on a body, savage scratches and handprints, beautiful bodies with the red badges of pain, and welts of agony.


The second match features two more of the best, with Quisha wearing long black gloves, black, fishnet stockings, and the smallest of black tops taking on Christine clad in her regular skimpy bikini. This is a real catfight that never seems to end, even when one of them surrenders. These two enjoy what they're doing and it shows -- from Quisha's ripping off Christine's top to Christine's deceptive comeback where she squeezes the life out of Quisha with her lean, strong legs. One girl even makes the other eat one of the ring ropes. A really fun match with two of the best giving their all just for you. What a tape!