45 minutes — $59.95


The Masked Executioner returns after having destroyed Lela in Tape #177 and flexes her massive muscles as she readies for her match against the voluptuous Christine Dupree. Can Christine compete with this massive, masked mauler? Surprise, Executioner! Christine has a few moves of her own and gets the initial upper hand. But then it is the masked one's upper hand that is thrust savagely between Christine's legs -- to that most painfully vulnerable spot. The tide turns as the Executioner rips off Christine's lacy white bra, but Christine jumps the Executioner on the ropes and wraps her legs around her waist -- only to find herself hoisted over the big one's back and slapped viciously on her bottom. The fight rages on until one destroys the other --and then, the leather belt comes out.


Next we have the ultimate low blow match. Mia finds Christine dancing in her backyard and tells her to stay away from her boyfriend. They decide to settle it in the ring, and, once they take off their short mini-skirts, they go to it. Mia savagely slugs Christine in a place that will definitely put a damper on her sex life, but Christine manages to struggle on until she gets her turn. She wields a few hard kicks between Mia's legs. The match rages on as each strains to deliver the ultimate low blow. So much pain to such tender regions. How savagely they try to destroy each other's femininity!