40 minutes — $34.95


Our very first superheroine adventure introduces that caped woman of steel, impervious to pain, ready to take on any and all foes -- SUPER SHELLY! When our sexy superheroine meets her archrival Sandy the bikini-clad villainess is no match for a superhero, which is quite evident as Super Shelly easily throws Sandy around the room. Thoroughly beaten, Sandy surrenders, and again Super Shelly has vanquished another foe. But wait! Unexpectedly, Sandy pulls out an amulet made of some mysterious mineral and Super Shelly's knees buckle, her power diminishing. With Super Shelly so weak the nasty Sandy mercilessly takes advantage of her. But Super Shelly never gives up. Even after being strapped to the stairwell bars and beaten until the sweat drips down her naked breasts, Super Shelly comes back. But can she regain enough strength before sadistic Sandy whips out the deadly amulet yet again?