50 minutes — $59.95


A new girl graces the blue mat. Sturdy, strong, and beautiful, Kristy is a stocky, powerful bodybuilder who's ready to rumble against another stocky beauty, tough Teri. We soon find out that Kristy knows how to wrestle, but is not yet totally comfortable with pro moves. What she lacks in knowledge, however, she makes up for in power, and what Teri lacks in power she makes up for in meanness. Blows and holds with a few throws. No, they're not exactly polished, but they are a lot of fun to watch.


Next we find two pro-style novices challenging a veteran. Alexis and Pam are the tag team duo out to destroy the sleek, fast, experienced Julie. Sure, Julie knows more about pro-style wrestling, but there are two of them. Can Julie's stamina last for two out of three falls? Or can Pam and Alexis wear her down? All the throws and blows you could want (and even a few new variations) in one long match. Julie's speed and knowledge loom large in the beginning, but little by little she is worn down as they both work on her. Can Julie dig deep enough into her wrestler's soul to beat the odds?