50 minutes — $59.95


Now, this truly is a delight! Not just one girl destroying another, not two against one, but three! Yes, three gorgeous, topless women destroying their foe! Mia, Alexis, and Christine are on the couch talking as Julie joins them. Mia accuses Julie of stealing money and the two ladies go at it. Soon, all three ladies are savagely attacking poor Julie. Over and over they beat, choke, and smother her. In the melee they all lose their tops -- and just when it seems to be over, it's not. Three of the women turn on a new victim and become even more destructive as one holds her head while another holds her legs and the third freely and delightedly destroys the victim. And, when THAT'S finally over, more destruction awaits yet another victim. Nothing can top this destruction --


--Nothing, perhaps, except the next match on this tape, where we see more than just destruction--we witness complete humiliation as Alexis fights Christine. One beauty plans to enslave the other, but, first, she has to destroy her. With body piling on body these sexy grapplers rub each other's tops off. Soon one has the upper hand, and her destruction becomes complete as a sleek, topless victor renders her victim unconscious. Then the fun starts as she secures the dog collar and leash on her helpless prey. Then the relentless, degrading humiliation really begins. But, will it ever end?