45 minutes — $59.95


Kimberly is back! And, yes, she is as mean as ever. Kimberly and Teri square off for the first match, and after some initial verbal assaults they really get to it. This is a great pro-style match as the cute, curvaceous, full-bodied Teri wades right in against the strong, slender, gorgeous-- and cruel-- Kimberly. Pro-style, yes -- but that doesn't stop the girls from getting in lots of biting and dirty tricks-- especially Kimberly. This is one mean wrestling match with two young beauties who know their way around a ring.


For the second match Kimberly takes on the experienced hard-bodied Mia. These girls bring their dislike for each other into the ring. They both know what they're doing and they do it all, with Kimberly as nasty as ever. Watch as two of the healthiest, hardiest, young bodies you'll ever see throw, bite and kick as well as put each other in all the classic holds -- with a few variations of their own. Feel the punches up close; watch the monkey flips as one girl almost lands on the camera, and see that fabulous upside down foot choke as these ladies battle to the end. A fun, action packed tape with some real righteous wrestling. The tape ends with greetings from the girls to their viewers in Europe where these bouts were shown on television.