1 hour — $59.95


Mia is at it again, accusing someone else of stealing her money. Only this time it's sweet, innocent young Tina, who is forced to battle for her honor. Tina thwarts her assailant by throwing Mia off the couch, only to find herself being pulled onto the floor where our wildcats roll, kick, writhe and moan across the room, each taking her turn getting control and trying to smother her opponent into submission. At one point they even mutually smother each other! Finally one beautiful young vixen gets control and ties the other up so she can really punish her victim. The tables later turn and the other girl takes her turn at destruction.


There is no mutual destruction in our second match. This is a complete one-sided annihilation. The muscular Masked Executioner takes on one of our most requested ladies, the voluptuous, sexy Lela. Yes, Lela's back, but we don't know if we'll ever see her again after the beating she takes here. Even a referee couldn't stop this destruction. The Executioner never stops her endless assault on the bare-breasted Lela in her knee high, spike-heeled boots. Never have you seen such a gorgeous body put through such tantalizing agony. Every throw, every head lock, every bow and arrow, puts the voluptuous Lela in more peril and agony. Watch as the Executioner puts Lela in a back breaker Lela's huge breasts point toward the sun. The masked one completely destroys lovely Lela, and triumphantly digs her heel deep into the unconscious Lela's stomach. Even after they bring Lela into the house they can't revive her, even after spritzing cold water over her lifeless body. This is DESTRUCTION.