1 hour — $59.95


We pit two of our strongest and firmest petite grapplers against each other. Yes, Mia and Erika are a great match up, Mia has superior wrestling skills, but Erika is, pound for pound, one of the strongest girls we've ever seen. But, even more evident in this match is that Erika will do anything to win. There's some real meanness in this fight, as these girls hold back nothing. Their beautiful hard bodies are strained to the limits. More than just holds and throws, this one really hurts.


Next What better way to start than with two of the best, Sandy and Julie? Watch as they open up with some blistering kicks-- so hard you'll check your own ribs for bruises. These are two of the most determined and quickest wrestlers we have, which makes this an extremely fast-paced match, full of fabulous pro-style action. No one executes better throws and holds than these two beauties. Every move and every hold is done to perfection until one of these beauties is finally overwhelmed.