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This tape starts off with one of our longest and toughest matches. Mia and Julie are the best of friends but an incident in the pool starts a fight. They fiercely go at it in the water until they are finally separated. But they aren't about to forget what happened. The following day, when they start their scheduled belt match, we can see the fire in their eyes. Mia is the wrestling champ on European television and Julie has challenged her for the belt. Bitter feelings, and the desire for the belt, make the throws a little fiercer, the slugs harder, the holds stronger, and the choking more breathlessly frequent. Their tops are ripped off, but nothing fazes these sleek, wrestling demons as they bite, gouge, and generally try to destroy each other. On and on for three falls they battle in this, our longest-ever match.


Next we have Mia interviewing two girls new to the international circuit, Gasae and Michelle, for European TV. The lights and camera are set up for the interview, and the exercise mat had been put out earlier for the girls to practice on. The interview, however gets way out of hand, the girls lunge for each other. When Mia tries to intercede they throw her out of the room. Gasae tells the cameraman to keep shooting, and amid the glaring lights they continue their battle. Two beautiful brown bodies roll over the bright blue mat as their bountiful breasts collide. You'll love the way these hellions go at each, as their mutual hatred spontaneously combusts.