45 minutes — $59.95


Dominance, dominance, and more dominance! We start off this demolition derby with Alexis, whom we haven't seen since she bared all in Encore 3, as she sits on the couch with Mia. Finding some money missing from her purse, Mia accuses Alexis. But, even as Alexis pleads her innocence she is caught off-guard with a blow to the midsection, allowing Mia a chance to tie her up. Mia proceeds to beat her victim and resorts to a final humiliation. Mia slowly licks her hand and gleefully secures it over her victim's mouth. At last Alexis escapes and looks for her chance to dominate. Tables keep turning but it's always complete domination until the victim finally succumbs once and for all.


Next we find the beautiful Christine Dupree in her see-through lingerie as she talks on the telephone. A noise from the living room catches her attention. Slowly she creeps in, only to find her roommate Quisha stealing from her purse. Christine stealthily moves behind Quisha and kicks her to the floor. Again and again she kicks and steps on her, causing Quisha's large breasts to flail wildly under her own transparent lingerie. The enraged Christine throws a non-stop furious assault at Quisha. The sweat pours off Christine as her whole body glistens. She's a woman possessed and giving Quisha the beating of her life-- and you'll want to be there.