45 minutes — $59.95


No big throws, no fancy stuff, just down and dirty, get-it-on catfighting! Beautiful Gasae says she isn't afraid of Shelly, but maybe she should be, because Shelly is out for blood. Shelly literally tries to rip Gasae's stomach off, and then proceeds to punch Gasae's battered midsection. Gasae desperately tries to put up a fight, but to little avail as this is a one-sided affair. The tops are soon off these large-breasted amazons, Shelly executes one of the greatest piledrivers ever, as all four breasts go flying wild as Shelly swings Gasae upside-down by her legs.


But now for a match that's going to make you drag that chair right up to the screen-- not only one of the most enjoyable, but one of the most erotic matches we've ever done. Sandy, in skintight black leggings goes against Christine, wears tight white pants. They both want the same man and Christine says she's going to wear her new pants when she goes out with him tonight. So the fight begins. The ring is wet from an early rain causing the girls to slip and slide, but it doesn't dampen their aggressive spirit any as they let loose with all they've got. Finally, Sandy gets out the hose and soaks Christine. And then comes the mud, lots of thick gooey, mucky, mud! A true classic, down and dirty. If you don't like this one - pull the sheet over your head, 'cause you're dead.