1 hour — $59.95


Back by popular demand is one of your all-time favorites - the one, the only, the invincible - Spice Williams. Few women wrestlers are as experienced or as strong as the great Spice, so we felt it only fair that we put her in a handicap tag match that pits her against two much smaller and inexperienced opponents - Tina and Trish. These girls have been working long and hard to get ready for this match, and they plan on using their newly-polished wrestling skills to give them the edge. Every hold, every throw, every trick in the book is seen in this long match. Our young tyros lose their tops when Spice hurls them around the ring. Spice even resorts to some merciless choking as she wraps Tina's top around her neck. Then, with an incredible move Spice picks Trish up by her head and when Trish wraps her legs around Spice, Spice bends Trish over in a devastating backbreaker. The novices are far from through, however, and it all comes down to that violent third and final fall.


Our second match features another veteran, Mia, against another newcomer to DT, Gasae, a tigress with a gorgeous brown body who really loves to mix it up. It's the catfighter vs. the wrestler, with two firm young bodies giving their all, from throws to bites. One of our hottest new battlers, Gasae's voluptuous breasts roll over Mia's perky firmness. These are two experienced ladies that know what they want and how to get it. And if these two matches weren't thrilling enough it, we've gotten up close and personal with the girls in some interviews we've included at the end of the tape. DT is always trying to go that extra yard to give you the best in entertainment.