45 minutes — $59.95


We start this tape off with four gorgeous gams that are built to constrict. The infamous Shelly takes on the large-breasted newcomer Michelle (Ashley Rene), both with sleek muscular legs. While the shapely Michelle has done her share of wrestling, she's never faced the likes of Shelly. The combatants enter the ring and take their robes off, revealing lacy see-through, French-cut teddies. Shelly immediately chides that girl Michelle's legs can't compete with the size and power of Shelly's. In this three-fall match, Shelly soon has Michelle on the mat, wrapping her large thighs around the buxom brunette. More and more pressure is applied as Shelly forces the Michelle's legs wide apart, trying to split Michelle down the middle. Michelle jumps up and wraps her long firm legs around Shelly's waist. These girls scratch, choke, but, most of all, they squeeze. The second and third falls have even more of these wonderful ladies use their legs to painfully wrap and squeeze each other in all possible positions.


The second leg feast on this tape again features our fabulous new find, Michelle as she takes on another veteran, the huge-breasted Quisha. Again we are treated to a ring catfight dominated by legs but spiced with a lot of good ol' hair pulling. Their mountain-sized breasts are freed, as the squeezing continues. And that last body scissors lingers for what seems an eternity as the victor squeezes the air out of vanquished for while she simultaneously mauls her victim's breasts.