45 minutes — $59.95


Want some more real pro action? Just put two fast, talented women in the ring together and get out of their way. Which is just what we did in this first match when the ever-popular Julie takes on the wholesome, flexible, blonde beauty, Angel. Plenty of throws and holds as they vie to see who's the best wrestler. These girls get into some pretty wild positions as Julie tries to see how flexible Angel really is. This is a great battle to the end with all the elements of a classic pro match.


Our next match features that famous boxer, the robust Pam Manning. Pam last appeared in our last boxing tape (Tape #165), and at that time told us she'd love to wrestle and Mia is the object of her grappling affection. Pam has the size but Mia has the speed, which produces a classic match-up. You'll gasp as Mia's long firm muscles flex as she strains to throw the sturdy, voluptuous blonde. You'll thrill as Pam's large, strong legs wrap around Mia's small waist. A pro-style tape for those who like beautiful women who can really wrestle.