40 minutes — $59.95


For those who like their action extreme here are two matches that push the limits. The first match features Sandy conning Mia into a friendly little wrestling exhibition, with loser getting handcuffed. Friendly turns nasty as our large-breasted blonde takes control and the destruction begins. Who knew sweet Sandy had such a sadistic streak? She chokes and punches the poor unsuspecting Mia almost unconscious, then handcuffs her to a table. Then, with mock sweetness Sandy awakens Mia-- only to start the torture all over again. And again, and again! Never have we seen such cold joy as appears on Sandy's smiling face as she wraps her long fingers around Mia's throat and chokes the energy out of her. Then comes the punching, and so much more.


The second match on this tape shows how far a victor can take her victory. Trish is a very young new girl that the veteran Julie dislikes intensely. They wrestle evenly for awhile, but soon the skill of the veteran overcomes the energy of this sweet innocent young woman and the destruction begins. But even in her impending demise Trish continues to mouth off, making Julie all the madder. The angry Julie takes the match one step beyond submission; it's time for total degradation!