45 minutes — $59.95


The famous female boxer Pam Manning takes on spunky Sandy in one of the best female boxing matches ever put on tape. Two evenly matched opponents, both with extensive boxing experience, throw some of the hardest leather you'll ever see. Only up close can you really appreciate the fury of these punches, so we take you right into the ring -- up close and physical. Watch as long blonde hair snaps from side to side from bruising head punches, or as stomach muscles tighten trying to absorb an onslaught of midsection battering by blood red gloves. Several times they each find themselves on the canvas, but these are two of the toughest ladies you'll ever find, and it takes a lot to keep them down. Close and brutal up to the end when the loser ends up screaming for a rematch. If you like real action, real punching, real battling by ladies who know what they're doing, than this bout is a must for you.


The second match on this tape is topless and quite different from the first. It pits the beautiful Sandy against the bountiful raven-haired bombshell Lela. What Lela lacks in boxing skill and knowledge she makes up for in cheating, keeping referee Mia very busy. Sandy and Lela may be two of the most beautiful, buxom boxers ever to step inside a ring. Their arms flail then make contact, sending vibrations that even shake up their ample breasts. These tanned beauties fight a very unorthodox battle - sexy boxing. Two very different but very entertaining bouts make this a paragon of pugilistic perfection.