1 hour — $59.95


Ever since DT's incredible SUPER BOWL OF WRESTLING three-tape series, viewers have been clamoring to see more of Sexy Sandy. Well, here she is in two fabulous pro matches. First, it's Sandy vs. Kimberly in a real war. Kimberly is a DT vet and not only does she pound on Sandy, but she also bites her over and over again. Sandy manages to regain her composure and lets her superior wrestling style go to work. Sandy applies a scissors that crushes Kimberly's full breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Sandy's sweet, sweaty body is all over Kimberly in a flash, pounding on Kimberly's breasts and stomach. Watch and see if the lovely Kimberly can survive this onslaught.


Next, it's Erika's turn to feel Sandy's power. Erika attempts to fight dirty by constantly kicking, choking and even eye-gouging Sandy, but it is to no avail. Soon, Sandy's pure strength and ring expertise begin to overwhelm Erika. Sandy throws Erika all over the ring then locks her up in a painful Boston crab. Sandy follows that with a super stomach scissors that squeezes that wind out of Erika. When Erika grabs Sandy's mammoth breasts in an attempt to break free, it just makes Sandy madder and more determined. Before too long Sandy has tiny Erika begging for mercy. If you love sexy topless pro style wrestling-- and who doesn't-- you'll want to have SWEET SANDY for your very own.