1 hour — $59.95


The first topless match features two of the most beautiful full-figured wrestlers in the business. The ever-popular, amply endowed Quisha and blonde Swedish bombshell Monica are sunbathing when a fight ensues after an argument about a pizza delivery. Quisha puts Monica through more holds than she ever thought possible, including standing head scissors, headlocks, body scissors, full nelsons, surfboards, pile drivers and some less scientific maneuvers like breast smothering, hair pulling and slapping. This is one hot and heavy match you don't want to miss.


The second topless treat runs over twenty-five minutes and came about due to Angel's biased calls as referee in Mia's tag team match on Tape #158. Mia enters the ring tougher and more aggressive than we've ever seen her, determined to show Angel she messed with the wrong girl. Apparently, during her two-year absence from the ring Angel grew horns. Enticingly double-jointed, Angel is capable of some unbelievable positions, and Mia makes sure to contort her into all of them. You won't believe some of these imaginative holds. These tough and limber girls hold nothing back, making this one of our best grudge matches ever.