1 hour — $59.95


Our first match is a bikini tag team encounter, two out of three falls, with the brunette team of Mia & Kimberly vs. the blonde team of Julie & Sandy and the Little Angel as referee. Over forty minutes of non-stop pro action! Our sweet Julie proves to be as aggressive as her tough partner Sandy against the fierce competitors Mia and Kimberly. The action is fast and furious with a controversial ending. Due to Angel's unfair referee calls, a grudge match between Mia and Angel followed (in Tape #159). This is one wild, pro-style, free-for-all you won't want to miss!


Next, newcomer Teri, who had been wrestling elsewhere as an amateur for two years, takes on Mia. Teri clearly has great talent and unlimited potential. With a gymnastic background, this young hardbody is one of the first girls in a long time that can really fly. This match is non-stop wrestling excitement, in and out of the ring, with hard, constant action. A surprise finishing hold never before seen on a DT tape makes this one of our best to date. Only the DT pros could pull off a match like this.