1 hour — $59.95


The first match stars one of the legendary greats; Spice is back for one of her rare appearances. It took a challenge from Christine Dupree to get the great Spice Williams back into the ring. And you'll be overjoyed as this turns out to be one of the all-time classic match-ups. Spice looks to be in the best shape of her life, but Christine is also at her peak. After almost beating Belinda in the wrestling tournament Christine has trained constantly until she felt she was ready for Spice. This match lasts for over half an hour, and while it has all the moves of a pro match - there is something different here. Christine makes Spice fight her fight as she adds biting, breast-smothering and all the other combat elements that make Christine so great. With this match Christine has unquestionably entered the killer elite. She is no longer just a busty, beautiful centerfold, but an accomplished, formidable battler.


Next, the extremely popular Sandy tackles the ever- ready Mia. This is another long match. These girls are really game, refusing to ever say die. Two of the best female wrestlers in the world, Mia and Sandy employ well-executed holds and throws. Not even the hot mid-day sun can deter these determined combatants. Two beautiful, firm, young warriors out to prove who is the best, blonde, buxom Sandy offers a great contrast to the raven- haired, sleek Mia. Seldom are we lucky enough to get two such outstanding matches on one tape, but here it is: without a doubt one of the greatest wrestling tapes ever offered!