45 minutes — $59.95


The first match begins with the busty Christine Dupree and the ever-popular Julie out sunbathing topless in Julie's backyard. They decide to go inside and change, and in Julie's bedroom Christine finds a picture of Julie kissing Christine's boyfriend and the fur starts to fly. The bed becomes a wrestling mat as Christine attacks her onetime friend. From the bed to the living room the battle rages as these screaming she-cats continuously shriek as their beautiful breasts are slapped, punched and bitten. From one end of the floor to the other they try to claw each other's eyes out in their mutual quest for destruction.


Our next match is a classic in the art of domination. Shelly has a grudge against Mia for a call she made when she was refereeing the tournament, and decides to take it out in the ring. There Shelly decides to keep her cowboy boots on and her first kick puts a deep gash in Mia's leg. From then on Shelly takes control like only Shelly can. Large, mean, busty, Shelly dominates with intensity and a real zest for inflicting pain. The smaller Mia has her moments, as she rips off Shelly's top and frees those fleshy mountains. But the more-powerful Shelly comes back as she unstoppably dishes out pain. Scissors, slugs, biting, choking-- you name it, Mia gets it. Dominance at its best, delivered by the best.